About Benefit of Economy

Central India's one of the reputed Pharmaceutical company launched a Nimesulide - an anti-inflammatory/pain killer. Almost every Pharmaceutical company manufactures a Nimesulide. The difference was that this product was economical by Rs.20 compared to other Nimesulides

The Challenge

How to promote this economic proposal? Simply stating - " Sir this product is economical by Rs.20" is too mainstream and didn't seem convincing. In a vast pharmaceutical market, this seemed nothing lesser than a test which needed a strategical approach.

Our Solution

Our solution was based on our own principle " Turn Feature to Benefit". "You save Rs.20" is a feature of this product and "Rs. 20 can get you 5 Eggs" is an additional benefit of that saving. Rather than saying you save Rs.20, convey the BENFITS those Rs.20 can get them.